January 26, 2006

Confessions and Excuses

I had something or other to say earlier today around 5pm, when I caught a moment to actually sit down at the computer... but blogger was down, and I not only couldn't write a new entry, I couldn't get to most of my friends' blogs to read, either. Withdrawal!!! Whimper. Whine...

Now I don't remember what I was going to say, so I'll make some confessions. I'm in a confiding sort of mood today. Here they are:

1. I hate making breakfast for someone else even more than I hate eating breakfast, myself. But I don't mind making breakfast *food* for someone else (or myself) at lunch time.

2. I wait until the tank is *well* below a quarter of a tank before I refill.

3. I'm a really crappy driver for two days of every month. On those two days I'm really creative and funny, but really distracted... so there's certain things that I just don't See when driving. Like other cars that are coming in my direction when I turn out of a parking lot, for instance. I try to avoid driving on those days - but this is not always possible. Sorry about that.

4. I still have my Christmas tree up and decorated. At this point it has stopped being a matter of sentimentality and more a matter of anxiety-produced avoidance; I'm afraid that my trash collector will refuse to take it, and that it will just get added to the Much Too Much Brush and Deadwood in our back yard.

5. We watch American Idol religiously in our house. We have done so since the very first day of the very first season. We can't help ourselves, even though we spend much of the time gripping our heads in order to keep the damage contained in the eventuality that they explode. We expect this to happen at any minute.

6. Centipedes make me hysterical. I kill them myself, but I take much too much grim satisfaction in it - rather like the peasants took in hunting down Frankenstein's monster. I mash them until their little legs float away. And then I laugh triumphantly, ha HA!! Vampire and Pirate tend to very quietly edge away from me when I do this.

7. I always remonstrate with the Pirate and Vampire about the way they torture the cat by waking her up and scroofling her whenever she gets really settled somewhere. But secretly I think it's funny.

8. I feel very anxious about the way that The Yarn Harlot keeps saying that all knitters look at the back/inside of other knitters' products in order to judge the finishing. I'm a middling-decent knitter, but my finishing skills... well, they suck. Which may be why I have so much trouble actually completing any of my knitting projects. As long as they are UFO's, they don't need to be Finished. (please don't tell me to pay someone else to do it... if I could afford that, I'd be using that money to buy more yarn, so I *still* wouldn't be able to afford it)

9. I've got too many addictions at the moment. I've got so many that I'm feeling guilty about neglecting some of my addictions because I'm spending too much time with other addictions. When my anxiety about this gets too great, I distract myself by adopting a new addiction.

10. I actually think that this is relatively healthy behavior. Which should make you really worry about my relatives.


Blogger mama_tulip said...

1. I hate breakfast too. I rarely eat it. The only times I've eaten breakfast on a regular basis have been when pregnant. And now that Julia's older, I try to eat something just to set a good example for her. But it's tough.

2. Your Christmas tree is still up and decorated? LMAO! You may as well just leave it up 'till next year. Save yourself some trouble. ;)

3. Tell me, what exactly is one doing when one is "scroofing" with a cat?

4:54 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Yes, please define "scroofing."

I love having a piece of toast with peanut butter and a glass of orange juice for breakfast. I have had the same breakfast nearly every day for over 15 years. Please hold the eggs and hashbrowns until lunch or dinner - I feel queasy when confronted with them early in the morning.

I personally have never looked at the inside of something another knitter has made. :)

5:29 AM  
Blogger Tink said...

I CANT eat early in the morning. It makes me seriously ill. My body takes an hour longer than my head to wake up. And it usually needs to be bribed with coffee.

Centipedes are unnatural. Do they NEED all those legs? Snakes have no legs and they do just fine.

It'll be Christmas in July soon enough at ME's house if she doesn't get to taking down the tree soon! :)

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Lady Blue said...

Hey, hey, hey, it's still January. Since Christmas trees are so pretty, in my book they stay up until they go brown, or February. Whichever comes first.

Personally, I am usually hovering near death-from-starvation if I don't eat anything before lunch. Even so, anything other than breakfast foods before ten makes me turn green...

8:39 AM  
Blogger mrspao said...

I can only eat breakfast if I'm on holiday and someone else has made it or it is late on a weekend morning. The thought of eating any earlier makes me feel queasy.

You could always leave the tree til Easter and hang Easter ornaments from it.

Scroofling sounds like someone who is rubbing the cat's fur up the wrong way - I love that word even if it isn't!
We call it 'plodding' when the cats pummel you with their claws.

9:30 AM  
Blogger mama_tulip said...

See, if I'm thinking of what you're thinking of mrspao, I call plodding "baking bread".

9:41 AM  
Blogger mE said...

On Scroofling: Mrs. Pao wins the prize - 'scroofling' is when the cat is laying on its side and you run your hand up and down its body in a firm and fairly brisk manner.

It's very rude... but The Cat has gotten in the habit of flopping over on her side every time the Pirate or Vampire meander in her direction, and if they ignore her she rolls about in a generally vulnerable and coquettish manner that leads me to believe that she isn't as ticked off about the procedure as she pretends to be.

Of course, when they *do* scroofle her, she always makes 'Suck Ears' and tries to bite them (not hard), just so they don't Get Ideas.

Their favorite thing to do, though, is to catch her napping (not difficult, since she is a Muffin Cat for at least 90% of every 24 hours) and scroofle whatever part of her body happens to be available at the moment. Her objections may be questionable when she flops over on the floor, but there is no doubt about the sincerity of her disgruntlement when awoken from a comfy snooze.

10:46 AM  
Blogger mE said...

On Christmas Tree Disposal~ I'm with Lady Blue on this one. Our Rule (ha. ha.) is that the tree and other Christmas accoutrements must come down at some point prior to Valentine's Day. But *how much* prior is open to debate...

oo, that pixie is naughty: 'nuqki'

10:49 AM  
Blogger mE said...

On breakfast, plodding, and centipedes:

See Tink's comments on breakfast and centipedes - she's obviously a kindred spirit!

'Plodding' is a great word! :D We call it 'kneading' around here, which sounds very much like Katherine's description. It's interesting that it, like scratching, is an instinctive behavior that cats continue even when declawed...

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Mightymouse Mommy said...

On Breakfast: I only like non-sweet breakfast foods and only if someone else makes them and I've already had a cup of coffee. Before that cup just leave me alone.

Centipedes are evil, vile demons that are sizing you up to see how difficult it will be to rip your face off. On the same note, earwigs are the spawn of Satan himself.

I'm the same way about "addictions". At the moment I'm reading 4 books, creating 2 websites, looking into registering my own url for my blog, playing with about 4 different photos in photoshop, thinking about taking up knitting, and nagging my DH about getting us a Y membership, joining a dinner circle and volunteering for habitat for humanity lol. Man just typing that makes me need a nap.

Christmas tree: If it's brown take it down - I'd hate for it to spark into an inferno.

12:10 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

If it starts on fire, she won't have to take it down, will she? Or deal with those pesky ornaments anymore...

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Lady Blue said...

And then you get to buy all new ornaments!

4:33 PM  
Blogger mE said...

MMM~ you're my kind of addict, gal! :D
I've never seen an actual earwig... how do they become a problem?

Chris~ Is that a threat? Or an offer? Or what?

LB~ Oh, I can't do that! They are all special! I've gotten one or two every year, in a trip with my mom the day after Thanksgiving, every year since I left home... and since the Vampire was born, he comes along and picks one or two as well (many of those will be his when he moves out). So each ornament has a memory in it - I love them all. My folks have ornaments that are similar, made or given as gifts by friends and family, some of whom are now passed away. The last ornament to go up for both trees is a little gold frame with a little portrait from my maternal grandparents' wedding photo.

If it makes you feel any better, although the tree is still fairly green, we have concrete plans to take it down and out this weekend. Saaaaad...

Ah, well, I'll have to put up something Valentinesy. Maybe I should knit a big, fluffy pink heart for the storm door? :D

8:54 PM  

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