January 18, 2006


I've noticed in my new bloglines account that this blog design ends up with an annoyingly pale font in the feed there, and I'm a bit concerned about my few subscribers going blind in trying to read it.

This brings up an issue that I've been chewing on, which is my feeling that this particular light lettering against dark page design may be easier on the eye according to my opthalmologist (you'll notice that I've recently settled on a small set of font colors that I'm using pretty regularly, in my belief that they are a bit less jarring to the eye than the ones available on the pre-set color palette offered on the Blogger toolbar), and it definitely makes a better frame for the occasional photo, but I worry that it *may* be annoying to many people, and turn away readers who otherwise might take the time to stop and chat a while. Or at least read a while.

So I'm considering switching over to a more standard, simple design with the dark-font-on-light-page format. But it will mean spending a serious amount of time copying and pasting and fiddling around in order to get the old entries arranged on the new format, so I don't want to bother if it won't make much difference to my readers.

So - what do you think? I would *truly* appreciate votes from anyone who has an opinion, even if you're generally not the kind of reader who makes comments - just a note in the comments saying 'change' or 'don't change' would help a lot!

Thanks for your assistance in this - I *hate* making decisions...


Blogger mrspao said...

The black background is a lot easier on the eyes.

pao recently changed his to dark background light font (but he went and learnt all about style sheets). He might be able to tell you how he did it if you want to change it.

2:37 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Either way works for me - both styles seem as easy to read. But I have noticed how it looks in bloglines - no big deal to me, because I don't read very many blogs inside of bloglines.

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please count this as a vote for retaining the the dark background/light font.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Tink said...

I like it exactly how you have it... No complaints here. :)

6:49 AM  
Anonymous momdeplume said...

I like it the way you have it. I also hate making decisions, so here's a freebie for you--keep it the way it is!

Love your writing style.


8:48 AM  
Blogger mama_tulip said...

It looks fine to me. But, if you do decide that you want to change it, I think there might be some way you can export your archives to a new template.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Lady Blue said...

Here's a vote for keeping things the same - I really like the look of light-on-dark. It makes the overall style interesting and fun; something that matches your style perfectly!

1:46 PM  
Blogger mE said...

People who bother to vote get their way - the blog stays as it is, for now!

(the lazy part of me would do a Happy Dance, but - well, you know, it's lazy...)

Thanks, everyone!

5:08 PM  
Blogger pao said...

The colours as you have them now (pale shades on black) are just fine for me, and I have some interesting visual issues!

Thinking of which I really need to sort out the shades and fonts on my blog so they are just so.

Oh hows the Pirate?

2:46 PM  

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