January 15, 2006

Be Very Suspicious...

I've had to frog the entire scarf *again*, and this time I was at least 1/3 finished... I thought.

I think this yarn has it in for me, I really do.

If you hear that I was found laid out near The Basket, with suspicious ligature marks around my neck, tell the Police that it was the Red One that did it.

And don't believe its protests of innocence. You watch... when it's brought to the Witness Stand, it'll plead the Fifth.


Blogger Chris said...

Hmm. Will you triumph, or it a project not meant to be? I'll stay tuned...

8:01 PM  
Blogger mE said...

Stop me, please, before I frog again again...

(I've already frogged today! I can't stop!! Help!!!)

4:20 PM  

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