January 04, 2006

Knitting Tales: Sock Questions

My mom had some nasty surgery on her ankle a bit ago, and is looking for natural fiber socks that are *very* soft. She complains that she can feel the purl bumps on the bottoms of the socks I've knit from the various sock yarns... but right now her incisions are having lots of trouble with being rubbed raw by her commercially-knit socks.

Question 1: Any suggestions in terms of super-soft yarn that wouldn't pill/wear out too quickly on a sock? (I've knit some lovely cabled socks with 'Aran Cashmerino', but they pill and fall apart *much* too quickly). Something that would breathe, so that her feet will stay well-aired?

Question 2: I'm thinking of knitting a pair with the sole being in reversed stockinette, hoping that this might solve the 'bumpy' issue. What do you think?

Question 3: Should I knit in a tighter guage so as to minimize stitch size? Or should I knit more loosely, so as to make the stitches more 'squooshy', less defined?

Thanks in advance for suggestions!


Blogger Chris said...

Re: Jaywalkers - go to Carole's blog and check out the Jaywalkers she just finished. The pattern does lovely things to striped and variegated yarns.

Supersoft yarn... Anne holds up pretty well (has mohair and I think nylon) and is nicely soft after a trip thru the washer and dryer.

Reverse stockinette would smooth things out. I'm lazy - I might just knit them inside out! :)

And I think the #1 factor is to knit tight tight tight. I have picky feet and that was the key for me. We're talking Koigu at 8+ st/in.

You might also find some yarn that you can lightly felt to smooth out the bumps...

Oh, and in case you don't make it back to my comments on the commercial - I don't watch any TV. I saw the commercial (brace yourself) on the big screen at the Riverview Theater when they showed the weekend stages from the Tour. On the big screen. Yup. Yowza.

10:18 AM  
Blogger mE said...

Thanks! I'll see if I can get that at one of my LYS'... and if I can get some very thin dpn's (I don't think the Addi's go thin enough for me to get a tight enough guage, at least not the ones I've seen in the stores).

Umm... I hope you've been able to recover from the 'overexposure'. Yeek!

11:48 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

It was in July. I'm mostly ok now. ;)

1:32 PM  
Blogger renee said...

I got a pair of socks that were in an Angora blend and have felted a little bit and they are extremely soft and comfortable. They are quite thick, though, so they would not be for everyone - and they're really warm.

10:02 PM  
Blogger mE said...

Chris - glad you've had the time to recover! Now, if *I* could just get that image edited from my memory... why is it that things like *that* stick in one's long term memory, when stuff like the exact date of one's mom's birthday disappears? (sorry, mom)

Renee - Sounds a bit too warm for my mom's tastes... but I might knit up a pair for myself; sounds decadent! Nice to 'see' you again!

Katherine - the pixie loves me more than you. 'qurxpa'!

12:05 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Hee hee - glad I could scar you for life. All part of the service!

Re: comment on my blog - interestingly, he doesn't lick too much or pull out the hair. The undercoat's there, but the guard hairs never have been. His mom has a large white spot there - but he just has a few white hairs along the edge of the spot. Inbreeding.

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ladies are going to drive me to create a knitting satire blog... :D
This is a serious threat.

2:03 AM  

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