April 20, 2006

Stuff of the Day

I keep getting interesting little bits of odd information here and there, and I thought it might be fun to include them in my Blog. So I will add links at the bottom of some of these entries, under "Stuff of the Day" - follow them or not, according to your whim! They might be funny, icky, thought provoking, horrifying, interesting, or just plain odd. They might be stories, news items, tourist spots, wild theories, discoveries, games, suggestions, pictures or poems. Who knows? The only thing they are likely to have in common is that I think they were worth checking out, myself. Enjoy!

Today's Stuff of the Day: A Whale of a Tale


Blogger mrspao said...

Hey, you're all pink now?

I loved the story of the Whale :)

2:34 PM  

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