February 17, 2006

Glass Menagerie #2

First, let me correct any mistaken impressions that I might have given yesterday; the top pic from yesterday's post does not consist of pieces that I, myself, have done. Those are the remaining bits of the little figures that my mom and grandmother gave me... those figures are at least 60 years old. Cool, huh?

Unfortunately, half of my collection, including many of the old pieces and some of my biggest and best personal collection, were smashed to bits by a bitter and slightly unhinged ex-roommate, so those four little figures are all that is left of the older stuff.

Okay, on to other pieces. I plan to go through the best and/or most representative of my collection, and maybe one or two more of my own remaining renderings. The above pic is of the aforementioned mouse, first lampwork piece I made.

Most of my remaining pieces were done by my lampworking mentor, Steve Scherer. Steve is originally of Champaign, Illinois, and now can be found in Kentucky. He belongs to several of the art organizations there, and I believe he sells through several of their outlets. The pic below is of one of his most basic and most popular fantasy pieces.

Steve is a wonderful person, and a great teacher, and you should buy his stuff. At the time I met him he was selling his figures at Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions around the country, and it is very likely that he's still doing so; if you find him, he will actually make you a figure to order, very cool. Check your local F/SF group and ask whether they expect him at their next Con.

He also sells a few things here. Tell him Eileen says hey...


Blogger Chris said...

Boo hiss re: unhinged ex-roommates.

I love that first picture! Very clever.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Tink said...

That mouse is fantastic! This whole topic fascinates me. Possible collector in the works? Hmmm? I'm searching for a new addiction to fill the void of the old one.

7:42 AM  
Blogger mrspao said...

Completely love the first photo. Very clever. I visited the Murano glass factory and was amazed at the skill it takes to make glass objects.

12:47 PM  

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