February 15, 2006

Like Ice Floes and the Mills of God...

... the Socks grind slowly on. We are definitely not going to make it. I can feel it in my... yarn.

In other News, the Vampire's Men's Epee team and their previously unbroken winning streak have finally run aground on the shores of the awesome St. Paul Academy. This was not unexpected. SPA has the snazziest coaches and equipment and outfits that money can buy, and a huge and experienced team. Our motley crew has... well, heart. Lots of heart.

And, in the Vampire's case, a broken epee and a shoe that came untied in the middle of his first bout.

The twisted ankle that ensued probably didn't improve his subsequent bouts much. But he did get a point off SPA's best epeeist, so he limped off the field of battle with pride intact.

Captain My Captain won one bout, and got more points altogether than he was expecting. CMC Rocks!

And the Mad Pumpkin (whose brand new epee was broken *again*, so he was - like the Vampire - using an unfamiliar borrowed weapon) did very well under difficult circumstances. He was also amazingly calm and mature about it when, in our opinion, he was Totally Robbed. We're chuffed to be associated with him in even a tangential way.

The Women's Epee Team, on the other hand, kicked fencing bootie! Yay, Team!!

The Men's Foil Team, led by the amazing flying Kid With the Big Head (#1 Men's Foilist in the state), leveled the playing field - of course!

I wish I could report on the Women's Foil Team and the two Sabre Teams, but I was on the wrong side of the arena, and we had to leave early. Sorry about that.

No pics of the Vampire's Tournament today, I'm afraid. I'll try to bring the camera to the last tournament, even though I expect the only team of ours that will have a chance is Men's Foil, and then only if led by their captain, KWtBH. The meet is with Minnesota Sword Club, and they routinely rout all comers.

But we'll retire for the year with our heads held high... it's been a very good year for Our Heroes!


Blogger Chris said...

Bummer about the epee and untied shoe...

Heh, I still have a little tiny sabre scar on my hand from nearly 25 years ago! :)

Come on, come on, you can do it with the socks - still lots of time left!!!

5:55 AM  
Blogger mrspao said...

Keep going! If I can make a sock so can you! Ra ra ra!

12:44 PM  

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