December 16, 2005

Geeks In Progress

Inspired by comments (one of them mine) on a recent You Knit What? entry, I just finished reading Wil Wheaton’s WWdN in Exile blog.

Now, I’ve always had a sneaking fondness for Wheaton in his childhood acting days. I empathized with his sensitive geeky aura, having been a sensitive geek myself as a child. Once the Vampire arrived on the scene I felt more fond of Wil than ever - it was all too easy to see that my boy was a Wheaton clone. He practically had ‘geek’ written on his forehead at birth.

Definitely my kid.

Having read the now-adult Mr. Wheaton’s blog, I find nothing to dispel that impression of similarity: like Wil, the Vampire is a sensitive, geeky, RPG-playing, card-playing, media-obsessed, SF-reading, high-energy thespian/writer/gaming fan. He knows what “5d20” means. If Mr. Wheaton took up competitive fencing, they’d be nearly indistinguishable.

Except in shaving habits, and the Vampire is fast catching up on that.

I’m glad that Wil Wheaton grew up so well, in spite of having chosen a career that is notoriously rocky in terms of both satisfaction and remuneration. He has a loving family, he follows his many interests with a good deal of enthusiasm, and he appears to find a lot of joy in life. That seems pretty darned good to me. It gives me a lot of hope for the Vampire’s future.

I’ll bet that Wil’s mom thinks that every mom should be so lucky as to have a son like him, too.


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