November 25, 2005

My Favorite Exercise is Jumping To Conclusions

... and my least favorite activity is making Judgment Calls. And yet I judge people all the time. To make it all nice and fair, I don't restrict my judging activities to people - I judge everything, and pretty darned strictly, too. But mostly I judge myself, and in that respect I am absolutely merciless; I also expect other people to be equally ruthless in their judgment of me, and I then behave accordingly.

Bad idea. Do not try this at home, folks, it should only be done by experts who have access to the appropriate Safety Equipment.

This is a problem with which I particularly struggle when trying to properly raise The Vampire. The Pirate tends to balance out my judgmental and high-strung ways by employing almost no judgment whatsoever (which has its own disadvantages) and sporting an attitude so laid-back as to appear almost completely inert. The Vampire, predictably, has adopted a rather bipolar mix of these attributes - he skips the whole self-assessment thing when he does something, and instead of wasting time and energy on attempting improvement goes straight to displaying either a Roman God-like self aggrandizement or some dramatic form of anxiety and helpless despair. Let's skip the Middle Man and get straight to the Emoting!

Well, he's an actor, so what is a mother to expect?

This is all by way of being an excuse of sorts... and a very unfocussed one, at that. What I'm *really* trying to excuse is my unwillingness to publicly publish my Annual Holiday Food Porn reports. It's not that I haven't written any, as Sis and partner-in-crime Anne will attest to. It's that... well, the amusing version (the one worth reading) is not what anyone could call gentle and respectful of the feelings of some of the Providers of the Feast. And the positive review... well, publishing *that* wouldn't be fair to the victims of the other one, would it? So no food porn for you.

I really should cultivate some other form of humor than sarcasm...


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