November 05, 2005

Family Tales: On the Care and Feeding of Vampires

This being an introduction of sorts, let's start with a cast of characters. My household is comprised entirely of Drama Addicts, those being:

Myself (The Queen) ~ Obsessive Knitter, Movie Watcher, Reader, Homeschool Mom and sometime transcriptionist, currently trying
to get life and my health in order (what? again!?)

My Husband (The Pirate) ~ Would-be Golfer, Movie Watcher, Funny Man, Homeschool Dad and full-time Office Slave, deftly running the office Football Pool for the sixth year in a row

The Cat ~ "You Suck"

The Basket ~ Okay, this isn't a person, but it certainly is a Presence in our little house. Filled with more yarn and projects and knitting books than you could shake a stick at (at least without becoming hopelessly enmeshed and buried, never to be seen again)

and of course

The Vampire ~ Need I say more?

No doubt you'll meet a cast of important Non-Resident characters as well... but we'll leave them a bit of a mystery for now. Hopefully you are better at handling surprises than I am.

Nice to meet you!


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