November 07, 2005

A New Definition of 'Commercialization'

It's bad enough that I have to endure the adverts invading our home through the Boob Tube, and that I can't ignore them because of our highly sensitive and effective Critical Ad Alert System ("MOM, there's a new commercial for 'Narnia!'" "MOM, there's a new ad for 'Goblet of Fire'!" "MOM, look at that! 'Zathura' is coming out the same weekend as the Harry Potter movie. Are they out of their minds? They'll lose most of their target market!").

That's annoying enough. But it's November, folks, and we are now being subjected to more subtle forms of Advertising Torture.

Yes, we have met the enemy, and he is Us.

Because even though the weather is unseasonably warm, the smell of the impending Holiday Season is evidently wafting through the Vampire's bedroom at night. He's making a list, and advertising it twice. Yah, twice - right. Dream on...

[my thanks to Sis, who kindly reminded me to take note of this particular form of Childhood Water Torture... what did I ever do to you?] ;D


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