November 06, 2005

Knitting Tales: Yuletide Knitting News

Felted the Bird Lady's Yuletide gift, the 'Market Squares' bag from "Bags; a Knitter's Dozen", done in Cascade 220 in some very nifty colors. It looked great after I felted it, except that I noticed that the bottom where the whole thing gathered together was sort of pooched in. Being confident of my own special Super Control Freak Powers, I gently pulled it out a bit... and snapped apart the gathering so that I had a hole in the bottom and some of those little diamonds where coming apart. Hooray! Or something to that effect, if you ignore the actual words involved. Eventually I regained my faith in my own Amazing Ability to Ignore Reality, and sewed it back together again. Except that now the bottom diamonds form two semi-attached sort of flower-looking things instead of one lovely burst. The bag will probably actually *sit* better, but it looks a little odd. But hey, other than that it looks pretty darned good, much nicer than I thought, and the Bird Lady seems pleased - just don't look at the bottom, okay? It's a bit Too Real.

No pics at the moment, but I will see if I can get the Professor to knuckle under and take one or two. The Queen needs a digital camera.

In the meantime, here's the baby set I made for our new grandnephew-somewhat-removed (my cousin's stepdaughter's baby, how many removes is that?), who is of course the most adorable thing on earth. The colors don't show accurately, it's actually cream with sherbet-hued yellow, orange, pink and cerise. And truly, the adorable child in question has all of his requisite parts, and I made enough socks to cover both feet - I don't know why the second sock was not included in the picture. It's a mystery.

All made of self-patterning sock yarn ('Clown'), relatively simple and quick to knit up. Which is a blessing, because Planning Ahead is not the Queen's forte.


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