December 14, 2005

Lack of Randomness in the Universe

Why is it that every time our furnace goes on the fritz, it's just before Christmas (or on one memorable occasion, on Christmas Day itself, in a year where the temps were well below freezing)? In the last two weeks we've had to replace all four tires on our car, cobble together in a temporary manner severely broken plumbing (the entire plumbing badly needs to be replaced, but we can't possibly afford that for a good long while), and now our furnace is showing signs of sticking its spoon in the wall at any moment.

And by 'any moment', I mean complete breakdown, and that we'll be very, very lucky if it creaks along until the appointment we have with the Furnace Guy for next Monday. We're hoping we don't have to call him in earlier, on a more expensive Emergency visit.

All this when we are housing an out-of-town guest for two weeks; the Fabulous Susan arrives on Tuesday.

Don't tell ME that the Universe is random. If it's so random, why is it designed so as to ravage my bank account on such an uncannily regular basis?

The Vampire agrees with me, except that his position is that it is designed so as to shrink his Christmas stocking on an uncannily regular basis...


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Hi! I like Mason Williams too. ...that's all!

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