December 10, 2005

Knitting Tales: One Success, At Least

I finished those Koigu and Kidsilk Haze mittens for the fabulous Susan, and they are *gorgeous*, dahlinks! Will have to find access to digital camera and/or other appropriate materials and get a pic, so that you can admire my brilliance. I need to get the Vampire's lovely companion to model them.

Maybe I can sell the design to Knitty for next winter's edition. That's a year away, though, and I just looked at their submission page... maybe I *can't* put the pic up for you here, if I want to do that? Oh, well, I'll decide later. In either case, I'll get our lovely model to pose for a few shots anyway, before the fabulous Susan spirits them away to New Yawk.

At least ONE thing has come out right this week!



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