December 19, 2005

Yuletide Song of Woe

(Sing in disgruntled muttering monotone):

Gah! Stupid wonky furnace. Stupid having visitors at Yuletide. Stupid not keeping up with housekeeping as much as I should. Stupid having to Spring Clean the basement and porch when it’s freezing. Stupid overbooking ourselves. Stupid not having done the Christmas Shopping earlier. Stupid not being able to afford to do the Christmas Shopping earlier. Stupid having four surgeries this year between us, and having stupid medical bills on top of our overburdened bill schedule. Stupid Cat suddenly deciding that she should start raiding the table for scraps. Stupid employer’s bank that keeps changing how it pays me (or doesn’t), so that my money ends up floating around in the ether for weeks/months at a stretch, instead of being available for the Expensive Yuletide. Stupid knitted Christmas Presents that aren’t getting done quickly enough. Stupid tree being way too big to fit comfortably into our tiny little cottage of a house. Stupid waiting to get it in until just before visitors come, and having to fit decorating it into our too-cramped schedule. Stupid having to find the boxes of decorations in the freezing attic. Stupid new lights from last year not working again this year. Stupid Yuletide Panic Time. Gah!

(Repeat until someone knocks you out with a festively decorated mallet)


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