December 19, 2005

Dear Santa: We Could Use An Extra Set of Hands

Well, the furnace sounds normal again, although somehow it seems colder in here (less insulation from the pocketbook, probably). I am starting to resign myself to the house not being in a state I’ll be happy with by the time the Fabulous Susan arrives.

I’ve not entirely given up on the idea that we can get the tree up by noon on Wednesday, even if we won’t have time to decorate it. Let’s get Susan to help – who better to deal with lights and decorations than a stage manager?

We might even manage to clear the piles of stuff off the piano. The other day I seriously considered spending money in order to get rid of our perfectly good piano in order to buy a storage unit for my yarn. After all, we’re using the piano as a set of shelves, and it isn’t doing that good a job.

I should be able to get my knitted gifts done if I don’t sleep from now until Christmas.

What was that? You say I need a 12-step group for yarnaholics? Hey – the Pirate has golf, I’ve got yarn. At least my obsession ends in the production of practical and/or beautiful items used for the benefit of others…

Yes, it sounds like rationalization to me, too. But I don’t have time to do better at this point; ask me to defend myself again after the Holidays. In the meantime, you can convict me IF you can catch me! I’ll be at the bookstore. Or the game store. Or the music store. Or the department store. Or the hardware store. Or the Post Awful. Or the grocery store. Or at the airport. Or delivering, picking up, or generally driving kids around and around and around…


Blogger Chris said...

It could be a lot worse - I'm sure that yarn must be cheaper than crack, right?!

I think that you should save the tree fun so Susan can help, thus showing her in what high esteem you hold her. It's all in the presentation, baby. :D

11:25 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

D'oh - forgot to mention how glad I am to hear that your furnace is working properly again!

11:26 AM  
Blogger mE said...

We *have* saved the tree fun until Susan can help (by necessity). I hope you're right!

I have to admit that *I* am glad that the furnace is working properly, too. Although oddly enough it is STILL too cold in the house; all that gasping and grinding and roaring must have been causing some friction-heat output that is now missing. Still, I refuse to say that I'm sorry it's fixed...

10:57 PM  

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