August 08, 2007

Yarn Photos

To those of you who are wondering, "Why did she take those photos of her yarn on what looks like a bed of weeds?" I want to offer this reply:

1. Yes, those are weeds.

2. They aren't even MY weeds. They are my parents' weeds.

3. MY yard is brown. Even my sizeable weed collection is brown and sere. I didn't think my weeds would make a nice background for my yarn. After all, I want to distract the eye from the gooberish spinning job. Look!! Pretty green stuff!

4. My parents' front yard, in spite of dutiful watering (beyond their goober-like daughter's ability), is full of carefully weeded brown grass.

5. They have given up on their back yard, which is so shaded by neighbor's structures and so frequented by their dog that deliberately planted things die. Therefore they do not have much grass, but they do have a very verdant crop of weeds. They are beautiful weeds, too, perhaps due to the distinct lack of green in the surrounding area.

6. Do I need to mention that we are experiencing an unusual number of very hot days this summer, and are *also* in the middle of what seems to be an extended drought?

7. The one good thing about this is that it makes my normal attitude about lawncare ("Don't look at me. I'm allergic to the sun.") look like a political/philosophical statement on land and water management. It's very Green to be Brown.

8. It also means that this year our lawn does not differ much from the general appearance of our neighbors' lawns. We won't talk about the back jungle - er, yard.

So that's the explanation. And I just want to add:

Thanks, mom, for letting me make use of your yard. Even your weeds are superior. And happy birthday!


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