July 23, 2007

Has Anyone Here Seen Harry?

Yes, we have the book. But no, we haven't finished it yet.

This is because the Vampire is 17 years old. It is, in all likelihood, the last time that such a thing will be possible, and so the two of us are reading the book together, taking it in turns to read each chapter aloud.

My son literally grew up with Harry Potter. He was 11 years old when the first book came out, and he and Harry are entering adulthood together, as well.

The Vampire will, in a mere four weeks, be entering College, a world completely independent of the one in which we've lived and learned and bumbled along together as best we could. Like Harry, he is leaving the safety of a world where most things were knowable, if not known, an environment designed to provide a relatively safe environment in which to explore and experiment, to soar and even to fail. For Harry, that adventure involved going to school; for the Vampire, that meant leaving it. But the result was the same: adventure, friendship, discovery, growth, a gain of confidence and ability.

Where our son goes now, his old folks cannot follow. We will still shelter and feed him for a while, but like Arthur and Molly Weasley, we now have little say in what happens to the child who carries our hopes and dreams for the future and the world - we must simply stand back and wait in hope that he will thrive and see fit to share his adventures with us in retrospect, rather than in fact.

Wish us all luck...


Blogger mrspao said...

Good luck! To both you and Bren - it is so exciting that he will be leaving home and making new friends. I hope that he really enjoys himself. I'm sure that the Cat will have lots of cuddles.

1:09 PM  
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