March 22, 2007

Define Multitasking

I not only can't multitask anymore, I can't even manage more than one task per day. The ultimate lack of multitasking ability...

I can work. Or I can blog. Or I can read blogs. Or I can manage my kid's complex schedule and transportation needs (remember that we homeschool, so this does not allow me several hours of non-kid time in which to organize 'extra-curricular activities - depending on how you look at it, either everything is extra-curricular, or everything is curricular). Or I can knit/crochet. Or I can run errands/do chores.

But I seem to be only able to manage one of those activities in a day; if I try to do several things, nothing gets done. At least not to my satisfaction.

It's not for lack of intention, will, or organization. I have lists, I have calendars, I have a teen on hand who I ask to remind me to do things (the last is a particularly ineffective and potentially dangerous organizational tool - don't try this at home). Still, I get to the end of the day and see that I have only managed to do one thing effectively. I have worked, or read blogs, or managed the kid's education/schedule, or run errands, or knit (notice I didn't mention that I have blogged, since this seems a rarity lately)... but I have not done more than one of these things (except perhaps glancingly, generally with much profanity involved).

When did this happen? My brain used to be bigger. Clearly bits of it have decided to emigrate (where to? what are they doing? are they living incognito, perhaps taking those vacations I never had the budget or time to take? have they established lives and even businesses of their own, having grown impatient with my distracted, scattered ways? did they take the spoons with them?)

How do you people get so much done?


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