September 18, 2006

Life, Right?

For a week it was work crisis with attending serious Carpal Tunnel action, then it was time for a rest (phew!) but with a health crisis compounded by a nasty cold/flu. And tomorrow I'll be back to work again.

So what else has been going on?

Well, Mom had her 50 year high school reunion - was, in fact, on the Reunion Committee, so we were all grateful when it went without any major glitches. A good time was had by all, and mom had a ton of fun catching up with the gals from her Catholic girl's school.

My grandmother is hanging in there, and we're still very, very happy with her nursing home. We were so lucky to have found it right when we did.

My sister is hanging in there as well, and in fact spent a week at a sort of Arts & Crafts camp at a lake up north recently, and came back refreshed and inspired. Which is wonderful, because one of her best friends lost a sibling just a couple days before she left, and she was very distressed about it. She's very attached to her friends, and it pains her to see them suffer when there is little she can do to help. It was good for her to get her mind on other things.

The Pirate is doing well, and ecstatic to be back in the full swing of the Football Season. His Vikes have a good team this year, and a new coach, and he is full of hope. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

The Vampire is signed up for voice lessons at MacPhail, classes & performance of Much Ado About Nothing with the Shakespeare Youth Theater, beginning to teach himself to play the guitar, trying to figure out how to promote Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, thinking about starting up fencing classes again, and is trying to figure out how to fit regular study and hopefully a job into all that. Life is tough, so much opportunity...

The Cat is having problems with matting, which has improved slightly with the expensive new 'Allergy' food we're feeding her, but still a major issue.

It's gotten chilly here in MN... and a mouse or three moved into the house this week. The Cat is not the least bit interested. Yesterday I could clearly hear a little monster chewing on something (our expensive couch, for instance?) from across the room, and the cat couldn't even be bothered to turn her head towards the sound. She used to be a great hunter, but the Pirate accidently taught her not to pay attention to mice a few years back (he yelled at her and pushed her off the counter and only found out later that there had been a mouse in the drawer that she was hovering over - unfortunately she's a VERY quick learner, and she didn't draw the correct conclusion from that particular lesson).

Now we're in for it. The cat kept pests at bay well enough during the past couple years, because even though she didn't touch them she would sit close and stare at them intensely enough to scare them off. But now she can't be bothered to do even that...

I'm busily knitting socks and washcloths for the upcoming holidays.

And I kind of hate to admit it, but I'm sort of looking forward to the Television Season starting up again. A new PBS season of Nova and Frontline and Mystery! and Masterpiece Theater and perhaps even Secrets of the Dead. A new season of Gray's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Boston Legal, and (of course) American Idol. And a couple new shows that might be of interest. Studio 60, perhaps... and exactly how are they going to explain how Jericho managed to linger when the towns on all sides got... Blown away? Radioactively poisoned? Carted away by Men in Black?

Some of these shows we'll wait to see until the season comes out on DVD, but some we'll watch fairly religiously. I'll let you know what we think.

Well, I'd better wrap it up. The kid has tech/dress rehearsals every day for the next two weeks, and tonight he somehow lucked out and is going to be able to come home early - he wants to have dinner with us, and should be home by 8:00 with his dad and a chicken. Hopefully the chicken will be the only one that's inert!



Blogger Chris said...

Hmm... Time for another cat?? :)

9:21 PM  
Blogger mrspao said...

Rhelynn has some lovely kittens (sorry couldn't resist after Chris' comment). Poor Cat!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! Goodness.
It IS you.
Then who's that post at the top?

Anyhow, sounds like things are back to normal and somewhat upbeat, very very glad to hear that.

I agree with Chris and Mrs. Pao that it is time for an extra cat. Heloise is doing an excellent job chasing away our monster rodents. She even chased the wild pigs before we dispatched them and turned them into pate and haunches. It was a good decision and I am glad I caved in to the entreaties to get a beastie.

10:56 PM  

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