August 12, 2006

Rising for Air

The problem with my work is that it's extremely irregular. So I go for days, or weeks, and once for months, without getting any work... and then suddenly I am inundated, and for days or weeks can't even stop working to get more than a catnap and/or a bite to eat.

I'm in 'feast' mode now, after a long 'famine', so I haven't had time to do Non Survival oriented things - like blogging, sleep, or changing into clothing I would open our door in (I'm definitely the Work In PJ's type - why change into clothes that I'd wreck when I fell into the occasional 1-hour coma?)

This may last a week (it's already been a week, actually). It may last a month. I don't know. The poor Kid hopes it won't last too long - the Idol auditions are in less than a month, and he needs me to help him with practical matters (like getting hold of sheet music, driving him to his distant voice lessons, cooking the occasional meal so that he doesn't expire, etc).

My work also monopolizes the computer, so that it's difficult for other people (the Kid) to get at it if they should need it for research or blogging, themselves. Life is a Vale of Tears.

I offer my apologies to both Readers and Kid for my neglect. Unfortunately, apologies don't mean I will change my evil ways. But I will do the best I can to come up for air once in a while - in hopes that when I do, I will find that you are still there.

The Kid ran in ahead of me in order to get his own Blogging Time in. Read of his adventures here.


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