August 06, 2006

American Idle... err, Idol

The Vampire has set up a blog to chronicle his shot at fame and... well, just fame. Fame of the 'everyone has 15 minutes of fame' sort. We don't even think about the Fortune part of the old cliche - in the same way that we don't think about taking a vacation on the moon, or building a full size model of the Taj Mahal in our back yard. We're a bit silly at times for fun, but we're not really foolish people, for the most part.

In any case, the Vampire has a blog, and he wants me to invite you all to visit him once in a while - it never hurts to have a Fan Base, after all. He's working hard, and the only reward he's likely to get is this audience here. But we think you are a darned nifty reward, audience-wise, so he's already feeling lucky!

We look forward to seeing you there (I'll be right there in the Comment section, of course)!


Anonymous mamatulip said...


1:01 PM  
Blogger mrspao said...

Go Vampire!

Hmm.. your pixie is funny today: raspvy

7:15 AM  

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