May 28, 2006

Speak Quietly...

... and carry a pointy stick. Or four pointy sticks, in my case, since I am working on fingerless gloves *and* socks at the moment. Pics will come later, I'm sure.

Of course, I use the word "working" extremely loosely, in the "I intend to do something with this yarn at some point before it soaks up enough of the humidity in the air to weigh more than I do" sense.

First of all, it is much too hot (in the early 90's) and much too muggy for my beloved wool to hold much appeal.

Which is just cruel, because I ignored the tortured screaming of my checking account a short while ago and went to the Shephard's Harvest Festival... and was adopted by a spindle and some very lovely roving (corriedale, corriedale and silk, and a bit of lovely baby merino in my favorite dark green-and-purple sort of colorway), and I really want to get at pretending that I have a clue what to do with my newfound treasures. (pics coming of these as well, I imagine)

Second of all, I really MEAN it when I request that you speak quietly. Even better, don't speak at all. Because I have an inner ear infection, and have spent the last couple days curled up in a fetal position, answering the anxious queries of my guys with vague assurances that I was sure I wasn't going to die - because I was relatively certain that I couldn't wobble all the way to the kitchen where they were ungallantly hiding the sharp knives. Or to the living room where lurks The Basket, which currently holds hostage the wool and projects in question.

The Weather Channel is holding out hope for a slight lowering of temps by midweek (middle 80's... if it's not too humid, we could at least *pretend* that approximates a reasonable wool-working atmosphere). I'm determinedly dosing my ear up with hydrogen peroxide+H2O - eew, I HATE blocked-up ears, even for a few minutes - just in case they are telling the truth. I want to be ready.

How does one prevent overtwist?


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