July 07, 2006

Total Goober Moment

(distractedly half-watching new show "Kyle XY" with Vampire last week whilst busily turning the heel of a sock)

Me: That's ridiculous. Why would a kid pull down his pants and sit down on the toilet cover?

Teenaged Son: (incredulous look at his inexplicably dense mother)

[kid on screen plucks girlie magazine out of hiding place]

Teenaged Son: (clears throat pointedly)

Me: Oh. Right. Never mind...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

reminds me of Em when I told him that I had cleaned his entire room.
He looked suddenly nervous/sneaky/titillated.
"You didn't...FIND anything, did you?" he said.
I replied with puzzlement, "FIND anything? Like...what?"
"uh, gee, I found lots of stuff..."
"like what?" he says.
"well, all kinds of junk!"
"ah, well, that's OK then", he answered with satisfaction. I obviously had not found the Something-Anything that he was worried I would find. :D

12:30 AM  

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