July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

Just want to wish a quick "Happy Independence Day!" to the US readers. The Pirate and I are about to meet my folks and go en masse to the wonderful nursing home where my grandmother lives. There we will help decorate the wheelchairs of the participants, and then we will push them down to the nearby park for our own Fourth of July parade and picnic. Luckily the temps have gone down from 'broil' to 'gentle bake', so we won't have to be unreasonably concerned about sunstroke. Should be a grand time!

In the meantime, the Vampire will be biking about the city of St. Paul with his Fencing-and-Gaming friends, wreaking havoc on the general populace.

They will be attending Taste of Minnesota, where a parent will be playing in a band.
They will probably be LARPing in Como Park. They will be watching fireworks from somewhere in downtownish St. Paul. Heaven knows what else they will be up to...

Don't worry too much, St. Paulites. This is a group of very sweet geeky teens, and generally they only hit each other with the swords.

But I can't vouch for their aim, so it might be best to keep a safe distance. Just in case...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Bren should be a "guest speaker" here and talk about HIS July 4th!

10:50 PM  

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